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Sacramento Area Foreclosure Attorney

Owning your home property is an important part of financial security — and also the American dream.

The reality is that many homeowners in California experience financial crises that place their homes in jeopardy and make them feel the overwhelming threat of foreclosure from their mortgage lender.


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Foreclosure rates in California and Sacramento may be lower than the national average, but there are still thousands of people at risk of losing their homes. Foreclosure usually is initiated when a homeowner misses mortgage payments. Then the lender may begin the process of auctioning off the property to satisfy the loan.

As a homeowner, you have rights and should know that you have options that can help you save your home.

You Have California Homeowner Rights -- and Options

If you have received word of foreclosure from your mortgage lender or bank, then you should know that you have homeowner rights that are protected by the State of California and that you can take steps to stop legal proceedings.

As the holder of the mortgage, you have more rights than you might realize. A mortgage is not like a secured car loan or boat loan. Losing your home to foreclosure is not the same as having your bank send a repo man to take back your car if you miss a single payment. 


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State and federal law protect homeowners to a greater extent. Banks and mortgage lenders are under specific regulations relating to the legal process required.

Don’t Go It Alone — Get Experienced Legal Counsel Today

Your first action to take after receiving threat of foreclosure should be to call an experienced debt relief attorney.

We encourage you to call us today for your free consultation with California Foreclosure Attorney Mik Liviakis to help determine your best course of action to protect your home.


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Protect Your Home & Reorganize Your Debt With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

No matter your situation or how far into the foreclosure process you are in — you have options.

If you determine that bankruptcy is the best option, then you can stop the foreclosure sale immediately by filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. When you file bankruptcy, an automatic stay of execution if place against all collections until the validity of your court case is determined.


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Under special conditions of Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules, individuals and families filing for bankruptcy may reaffirm their intent to continue paying their monthly mortgage payment, while eliminating or reducing other consumer debt, such as credit cards, and medical debt. In most cases, the reduced payments to creditors every month make it possible to meet your monthly mortgage payment. Building equity in your home is still the best way to build a successful financial future.

In addition, you may file bankruptcy and prevent foreclosure by restructuring your mortgage — which is another service that we assist our clients with. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a homeowner can restructure their missed mortgage payments by offering to pay them back monthly over a sixty month period. 

Is Foreclosure Defense Right for Me?


Foreclosure Defense is one of several options for homeowners that fall behind on payments. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to mortgage debt, which is why it’s important to get legal financial expertise to determine the best course of action for your situation.


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In some circumstances, filing bankruptcy can be the best option to restructure your mortgage and help you save your property.

Liviakis Law Can Help You Protect Your Home from Foreclosure

At Liviakis Law, our team of Mortgage and Bankruptcy lawyers are ready to fight to protect your home and your rights as a homeowner in California.

We have over a decade of experience in helping thousands of Sacramento area clients litigate their foreclosure cases — through bankruptcy filings and mortgage modification solutions.

Our team of foreclosure and debt relief experts work to understand your situation and then put in place the best strategy to help you protect your home and rebuild your financial future.

In the cases that you can’t keep your home, we still work with you every step of the way to fight for the best results for you and your family. 

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Wonderful Bankruptcy Attorney!

I retained Mr. Liviakis after a very bad experience with another lawyer who basically abandoned my case. Mr. Liviakis was thorough in his analysis of the law and the facts of the case and very prompt in responding to all of my questions. His professional handling of the case gave me confidence that the matter would be done right.

Professional and Talented Attorney

Very professional and talented bankruptcy attorney. He helped me though a very difficult situation. I recommend Liviakis to others in the community of Sacramento. Liviakis took time to answer all of the bankruptcy questions that I had. My case turned out very well. It was an easy experience and no stress at all.

They Truly Cared

After interviewing several lawyers, I decided to use Miki. Miki and his staff were knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. They kept me informed every step of the way and made me feel like they "cared". I have worked with a number of attorneys over the past 25 years and Miki is someone whom you can trust.

Definitely Recommend

I would definitely recommend Atty. Liviakis to anyone that I know that needs help to sort out their financial problem. Very easy to talk to and always prompt when I have questions. Chapter 11 Client

Mikalah was the most informed and knowledgeable proffesional i have ever had the privilege to work with.not only did he handle our case succesfully,he treated us with dignity and respect in a very tough time. I highly recomend this attorney he is a man with integrity,a true professional. 

-Chapter 13 Client

Liviakis Law Firm was professional and empathetic to my situation. I felt that I could discuss my situation without judgment or feeling shame. I appreciated the quick communication and professional demeanor of all staff. 

-Chapter 7 Client

How Does the Foreclosure Process Work?

A foreclosure process typically begins when you fail to make multiple mortgage payments on time due to financial hardship. While the process can take a number of months, it typically results in the forfeit of all rights to your property, which are lost during a foreclosure auction.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the foreclosure process works in California:

  1. Homeowner Misses Mortgage Payment

When a homeowner misses a mortgage payment, they can easily fall behind on subsequent payments due to fees and interests. In some cases, if the homeowner pays the difference in the following month they can prevent their mortgage from going into default.

  1. Notice of Default 

In most cases, if the homeowner cannot catch up on their payments within 90 days they will receive a Notice of Default. This means the loan is now considered in default and the homeowner needs to take necessary steps to get their mortgage out of default.

  1. Notice of Trustee Sale

Homeowners typically have 90 days after receiving Notice of Default to get their mortgage out of default by catching up on payments and the related fees and taxes associated with the payments. Many homeowners cannot meet these requirements, which is when the lender may set a date for placing the property in a foreclosure auction.

  1. Home Sold to Highest Bidder

A lender can hold an auction for the property after 21 days of the Notice of Trustee Sale. The property is then sold to the highest bidder.

The entire foreclosure process can take a number of months depending on delays and foreclosure proceedings.

Do You Have California Foreclosure and Mortgage Questions?

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