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Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney Mik Liviakis Solves Most Debt Problems

Bankruptcy attorney Mik Liviakis gives borrowers a financial fresh start from burdensome debts by filing chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Liviakis Law Firm helps you achieve a new opportunity in life, free from debt. Debt for families and homeowners becomes unmanageable when life changes. As an Award-Winning Law Firm we are confident that by resolving your debts we can help you quickly recover to a stronger financial future without losing your assets. We focus on eliminating your credit card debt as part of a customized debt-reduction plan that prevents creditors from taking the things you have worked hard for. We protect homeowners while reducing monthly payments on credit card debt. From this work we have received an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. How long will it take if you continue paying your credit cards? Try our Credit Card Payments Calculator.

Should You File Bankruptcy? Debt Settlement, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Many local residents are confused about how debt settlement and bankruptcy actually help reduce debt in a dignified way. We educate our clients with simple legal advice to turn their financial problems around. We will explain how filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy works to eliminate credit card and medical debt. Liquidation bankruptcy usually works well for renters with low-income. While middle-income residents often file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to help reduce payments on all types of debt while ensuring that they can maintain valuable real estate. Alternatively, debt settlement works well for those with substantial savings that want a quick resolution to long lasting pressure from creditors.

Limitations of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Not everyone qualifies for chapter 7 bankruptcy because of a stringent income test that compares a debtor's income to the median income of a family of the same size. Many people in debt considering bankruptcy have higher than average household income figures. If chapter 7 bankruptcy is no longer an option for you, consider chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt settlement because they offer debt relief to higher income debtors. Read more about filing both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Helps Homeowners and High Income Earners

Chapter 13 plans can actually eliminate just as much debt as chapter 7. In Sacramento, California chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors pay less than half of their credit card debt on average. And when your income is lower than average you can submit a plan that offers to pay zero dollars towards credit cards. This makes it similar to what a debtor would pay credit card companies in chapter 7 bankruptcy. In addition to reducing the principal debt on credit cards, a debtor may also obtain a significant interest rate reduction. For debtors that earn higher than average income chapter 13 offers a real change to get out of debt and still have money available for living expenses.

Protecting Your Family Home from Foreclosure with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

With rising home values, residents have a lot at stake in trying to protect their family residence. Mortgage and credit card companies often look at the value of a homeowner's home when deciding whether to sue or foreclose. Chapter 13 gives homeowners protection to keep their homes away from the foreclosure process. Credit card companies cannot bring lawsuits against homeowners when they are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Credit Cards prevent you from Retiring Debt Free

Many Californians are in the habit of buying new products and paying for them later. Paying later is expensive because if you are paying 20% interest, a $500 credit card purchase could cost $1500 by the time it's paid in full. After paying the minimum monthly payment on the cards a consumer ends up needing the cards just to cover their living expenses. This cycle often continues for years, eating up the majority of disposable income that a consumer earns during the prime of their career.

How to Eliminate High Interest Credit Card Debt in Bankruptcy

You can stop the credit card interest cycle and start saving for retirement by changing your charging habits. Bankruptcy is a powerful way to zero-out credit card balances. For those that have the ability to pay back some or all of the debt, chapter 13 bankruptcy gives debtors a chance to pay a percentage of the debt without interest. After bankruptcy a debtor usually finds relief in only buying things that they can afford while regaining access to credit cards in a responsible way.

How much does a Sacramento, CA Bankruptcy Attorney Cost?

We offer a free one on one private consultation with an experienced attorney. The consultation lasts about forty-five minutes to an hour. The attorney consultation is important because it gives you a chance to get specific feedback that you can use to comfortably make your financial decisions. By evaluating your financial situation our attorneys will be able to determine what services you need and what the cost will be. New clients have the option to enroll in a payment plan or to pay a flat fee. Most of our clients find our payment options are clear and simple to understand.

Award Winning Debt Relief Attorney Helps You File Bankruptcy with Confidence

Getting out of a debt is no easy task, but with the Liviakis Law Firm by your side you will be confident knowing your options for effective debt-relief. Our law firm gives you expert guidance on what you can expect in the bankruptcy process. We have been focusing on debt relief for a long time. Just call us to get started with a free initial consultation where we can answer your questions about which assets you can keep and how much the process will cost.

When you are behind on your payments creditors start calling to pressure you when you cannot afford to pay. Filing bankruptcy with Liviakis Law Firm stops unwanted creditor calls. If a creditor continues to contact you for payment the court may require them to pay you.

When you miss several mortgage payments chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to save your home from foreclosure. Our firm helps home-owners maintain their home in chapter 13 bankruptcy while catching up on mortgage arrears. Bankruptcy also extends the time to sell real estate while protecting your investment.

Credit card debt is burdensome because of high interest rates and minimum payments that mostly go toward interest. When our hard working clients have not been able to repay their debts, filing bankruptcy helps clear away stubborn credit card balances so you can regain control of your finances.