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“Mr. Liviakis made a difficult time smooth and easy. He was always prompt in returning phone calls and his assistant was very professional and helpful. I would recommend Liviakis Law Firm for anyone needing to file bankruptcy.”

-Bankruptcy Client

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Personal Bankruptcy Attorney and Debt Settlement in Sacramento, CA

Debt for families and homeowners in California can become unmanageable when life changes. Filing bankruptcy solves most credit card and mortgage issues. You can stop worrying because here at the Liviakis Law Firm we are confident that we can help you quickly recover to a stronger financial future. By using Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy we help you reduce your debt without losing your assets. Based in the Sacramento, CA area, we offer debt relief and bankruptcy services for individuals and businesses looking for expert guidance to successfully overcome stubborn debt problems. Since solving debt is a complex issue you need a bankruptcy attorney that has a proven record for reducing a variety of debts while at the same time protecting homeowners from foreclosure and wage garnishment. As an Award-Winning Law Firm we know that eliminating your credit card debt is not enough to get your family back on track. That’s why we work with you personally to customize a debt-reduction plan that prevents creditors from taking the things you have worked hard for. From this work we have received an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau as we have given our clients hope and confidence again when thinking about their financial life. We focus on getting you out of debt while still thinking about building a successful financial future. This ultimately leads to financial solutions that help Sacramento families for the long term.

Choosing Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Folsom, CA

With so much confusion about how bankruptcy actually helps debtors in a dignified way, we make sure to educate our clients with the simple legal advice that they need to turn their financial problems around. Our debt attorneys will explain to you in detail how filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy works to eliminate credit card and medical debt for those with low income and a modest amount of assets. And how for many middle-income Californians filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows them to reduce all types of debt while ensuring that they can maintain their homes and cars. Read more about filing both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Award Winning Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Business and Home Owners In Rocklin, CA

Getting out of a debt is no easy task, but with the Liviakis Law Firm by your side you will be confident in knowing what your options are for effective debt-relief. We also help residents in the Rocklin area get out of debt with confidence! Whether you have fallen behind on your mortgage because of a change in income, increasing interest rates, or a failed loan modification, we can help protect your family home from foreclosure. Call us today for a free debt evaluation with our award-winning attorney.

Liviakis Law Firm protects you from threatening, offensive, or intimidating behavior against any creditor under state and federal laws.

We work with clients who have complex debt problems and wish to build financial stability and sell property through the use of the Bankruptcy Code.

Our Law Firm has been assisting individuals and families with debt resolution and financial difficulties since 2008.