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Debt Repayment Options

There are numerous debt repayment options, each with their own sets of pros and cons.  You can choose one of these after factoring in your debt amount, income, monthly expenses, credit rating and the amount of debt that you actually want to pay off. Here are some debt... Debt Repayment Options

Family Friendly Activities in Sacramento CA

Located at the confluence of the American River and the Sacramento River, Sacramento is also the capital city of the state of California in the US. Renowned for its diverse ethnicity, humongous tree canopy (which is also the largest in the US), archaic charm,... Family Friendly Activities in Sacramento CA

Debt Management Plans Vs Bankruptcy

If you are struggling with an overwhelming debt on your home mortgage and/or high-interest credit cards, you are not alone. Given the current economic situation in the country, there are millions of individuals who find debt repayment exceedingly unaffordable. Explore... Debt Management Plans Vs Bankruptcy

Debt Consolidation Vs Bankruptcy

Dealing with a massive debt is extremely difficult if you are unable to manage your finances well. However, there are ways in which you can deal with your crippling debt more efficiently. Debt consolidation and bankruptcy are two of the most popular debt management... Debt Consolidation Vs Bankruptcy

Getting Repo’d Car Back

One of the most popular ways of getting repo’d car back is by filing Ch 13 in California. Regardless of whether it is a small car, SUV, truck, van or motorcycle, you can always get it back. One way is by filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy. And what’s more? You can also... Getting Repo’d Car Back

Unlimited Data Mobile Phone Plans Data Help Limit Inflation

Economists have found out that unlimited data mobile phone plans help limit inflation of the country. The unemployment levels are low and the job market is tightening. However, core inflation increased only by 1.9% in April when compared to the same time last year. It... Unlimited Data Mobile Phone Plans Data Help Limit Inflation

Student Loan Debt Management Solutions

If your student loan debt is giving you constant cold sweats and nightmares, you are not alone. There are millions of students in our country that are bogged down by their crippling student loan debt. Most are constantly looking for ways of easing out their financial... Student Loan Debt Management Solutions

Payday and Title Loan Risks in Bankruptcy

Often taken as a last minute measure, payday loans are a high-interest, easy-to-procure kind of advance that are meant to be paid back in a few months. Under bankruptcy though, they are treated as an unsecured loan. Before looking for fast cash, learn the payday and... Payday and Title Loan Risks in Bankruptcy

Cashing Out 401K to Pay Debt

Cashing out 401K to pay debt seems like a great idea till you get all the facts. There are a few, and let’s be clear about it. There are a few instances where it makes sense to do this. Your 401K is your savings for your retirement and it is best to leave that alone.... Cashing Out 401K to Pay Debt

Practical Money Management Strategies

Filing for bankruptcy or even the thought of it is quite disconcerting. Money management strategies are a dime a dozen, but not all of them actually work. They are like diets, they will work, but only if you are able to keep it up for long enough to reflect on the... Practical Money Management Strategies