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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Basics

When you are trying to decide which bankruptcy is a good option to save your home from foreclosure, Chapter 13 may be the best option for you. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you do not lose your assets, and you will have three to five years to catch up on your payments... Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Basics

Debt Settlement Firms and Bankruptcy

When people are in a financial crisis, they often turn to debt settlement and debt negotiation firms for help. While some of these firms legitimately help people resolve their debt, there are many that are out to make a fast dollar off an unsuspecting consumer.... Debt Settlement Firms and Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  Also called the “liquidation” bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is the quickest and easiest form of bankruptcy. In three to six months, all of your qualifying debt can be eliminated. Anyone can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy that lives in the United States or has property in... Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy’s Fresh Start

Filing bankruptcy can be an emotional decision. No one likes to admit that they lost control of their finances. Often to no fault of our own, we have lost the ability to keep up with our payments. Reasons can be: Loss of a job Lay off or cut back in hours Unexpected... Bankruptcy’s Fresh Start

Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosure

If you are behind in your mortgage payments and worry you may lose your house to your lenders, you may want to consider filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process by implementing the automatic stay, which stops most collection attempts against you.... Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosure

Is Bankruptcy Right for You

Bankruptcy may be the fastest and easiest way to deal with your debt problems. If you do not have a better way to handle your debt, bankruptcy can give you protection from your creditors. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding where you will want to get professional help to... Is Bankruptcy Right for You

Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

Just like most other services, filing bankruptcy will cost money. An avoidable cost will be filing the legal forms and having them processed by the officers of the court. Fees vary by state and the type of bankruptcy you are filing. Attorney fees also vary by the type... Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process

If you have several assets that you would like to keep and have a reliable source of income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often the best option for you and your family. It may be helpful to know the steps you will be taking in the bankruptcy process to get financial... Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process

A Trustee in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A trustee will be assigned to your case within a few days of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The court will send a Notice of Appointment of Trustee, providing the name, address and phone number of the trustee assigned to your case. The notice may also list any financial... A Trustee in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy

The automatic stay prevents most creditors, collection agencies or any other party seeking to collect a debt from you to contact you. By law, they must stop all collection attempts from you, this includes: ∙ Phone calls ∙ Letters ∙ Liens ∙ Wage garnishments ∙ Lawsuits... Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy