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Above and Beyond

How does one really express their true feelings with going through the pain of drowning in debt? I would like to share is that from the moment I walked into Mikalah Liviakis office I could start to feel the since of relief. Once I signed my name on the dotted line with my child sitting in Mikalah Liviakis office I knew from that moment forward that day was going to be the fresh start that I was in desperate need of to be the mother I have always wanted to be to my child. Without the help of Mikalah Liviakis I would be sitting in my home wondering what was I going to next looking at my child praying he couldn't tell what was going on. Mikalah Liviakis walked me through the entire process holding my hand each step of the way committing himself to me without any hesitation or reservations. With his commitment to myself and my child he created my case within less that 24 hours, and in about 72 hours from creating my case I will have my vehicle back from the repo company. Would I recommend Mikalah Liviakis to anyone that I may run across in the near/distance future without a doubt. This man not only has made a pledge to be an up biding citizen to the courts but he has also made a commitment to his clients he will do everything in his power to make things seem clear and correct. Thank you Mikalah Liviakis for going above and beyond to fix what I have created and giving myself the fresh start so desperately needed.

Wonderful Bankruptcy Attorney!

I retained Mr. Liviakis after a very bad experience with another lawyer who basically abandoned my case. Mr. Liviakis was thorough in his analysis of the law and the facts of the case and very prompt in responding to all of my questions. His professional handling of the case gave me confidence that the matter would be done right.

Professional and Talented Attorney

Very professional and talented bankruptcy attorney. He helped me though a very difficult situation. I recommend Liviakis to others in the community of Sacramento. Liviakis took time to answer all of the bankruptcy questions that I had. My case turned out very well. It was an easy experience and no stress at all.

They Truly Cared

After interviewing several lawyers, I decided to use Miki. Miki and his staff were knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. They kept me informed every step of the way and made me feel like they "cared". I have worked with a number of attorneys over the past 25 years and Miki is someone whom you can trust.

Definitely Recommend

I would definitely recommend Atty. Liviakis to anyone that I know that needs help to sort out their financial problem. Very easy to talk to and always prompt when I have questions. Chapter 11 Client

Mikalah was the most informed and knowledgeable proffesional i have ever had the privilege to work with.not only did he handle our case succesfully,he treated us with dignity and respect in a very tough time. I highly recomend this attorney he is a man with integrity,a true professional. Craig, a Chapter 13 client

Liviakis Law Firm was professional and empathetic to my situation. I felt that I could discuss my situation without judgment or feeling shame. I appreciated the quick communication and professional demeanor of all staff. Chapter 7 client.

Excellent Law Firm

Excellent Law firm. Mikalah will help and advise you the best way to solve your financial problems. They are very honest and courteous. It is hard to find an attorney like Atty. Liviakis. Nice dealing to his secretary,Shaleen.

Friendly and Patient Service

2 years ago I was going through a very stressful time in my life when I had no other choice but to file Bankruptcy and try to save my business I hired a lawyer, work with her for aprox. 1 year, after that she just vanished, stop returning my calls, ...completely abandoned me and my case Desperate, I was searching the Internet, talked with few lawyers and decided to try again with Mikalah Liviakis and his Firm From the first personal meting with him I knew that I made the right decision this time He was really listening to my problems , ask me questions and responded very professional to my questions, providing some much needed understanding about this scary and sad situation, BK He took my "desperate " case in his hands and in a timely matter terned it into a "success "'case. What impressed me is his knowledge in the law. It is evident that he knows what he is doing, and he is doing this not only efficient but friendly and patient Everyone in the office was responsive and professional, my concerns were never ignored and my questions were promptly answered Mikalah as well as his staff members were there for me every time I had a question or needed clarifications , no matter what time of the day was, even in weekends or late in the evening. Thank you Mikalah Liviakis and your Firm for your excellent work! I appreciate everything you did for me and my case!

Wonderful and Talented Attorney

I would like to express how fortunate I was too find such a wonderful and talented attorney as Mr Liviakis. My husband and I found Mr Liviakis while searching for a attorney to handle our bankruptcy. We had consultations with a few attorneys before deciding to go with Mr Liviakis. We chose him initially based on his knowledge of our situation and his ethical practices. This was a very trying time for both me and my family dealing with both the financial and emotional problems that go along with filing bankruptcy. Mr Liviakis was extremely compassionate and understanding throughout the entire process. He was able to get our very difficult case approved in a very timely manner and thus giving my family and I a wonderful shot at starting over. I highly recommend Mr Livikias he is by far one of the most competent attorneys I have ever dealt with.