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Robert Bennett 4 weeks ago
As a civil attorney, I've known Mr. Liviakis for several years. Over the years I've utilized his expertise to advise on matters related to bankruptcy as often his expertise is helpful to my clients. On every occasion we have worked together, he has exhibited a keen understanding of the federal code governing bankruptcies and has always been helpful. In all of my civil cases requiring advise of an assets attorney, I turn to Mr. Liviakis and believe those in the community would be well served turning to him as well.
Keven Jast 1 month ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueVery satisfied with the quality of work and friendly service of Liviakis Law Firm 100% recommended!
Heather Johnston 1 month ago
Positive: Professionalism, ResponsivenessAs a fellow attorney, I have found Mik Liviakis to be an invaluable resource for bankruptcy questions when they arise for my clients. I never hesitate to recommend him to those that may be in need of his experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy counsel.
Linda Todd 2 months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Ellen Herstead 2 months ago
Finding myself in a difficult situation (husband passing away and so forth) I felt like I was trapped in debt that I could no longer handle.Attorney Liviakis gave me the best advice on how I needed to handle this dilemma. He guided me the whole way and even introduced me to people that helped me through.Now I m totally debt free and living a much easier life.
Kenneth Pedigo 5 months ago
Mr Liviakis was great in assistant me with my bankruptcy during a very difficult time in my life. I appreciate his effort and understanding and everything went smooth. Thank you, hopefully we never have to do business again.
Matty Love 8 months ago
Allmight93 10 months ago
Fred Stein 10 months ago
James Hill 10 months ago
Wes Pohl 11 months ago
Mr. Liviakis was timely and professional. He patiently answered questions and explained the process. He provided handouts that clearly outlined due dates. The firm's paralegal was very easy to work with. I would use Mr Liviakis' services again and highly recommend him.
Peggi Stover 11 months ago
I would highly recommend Liviakis Law Firm for anyone who is need of a bankruptcy attorney. They are very professional and extremely helpful.
Cindy Walker 1 year ago
Great Service working with Mik and Brent. They were very responsive in answering all my questions. I dont know what I would have done without hiring the Liviakis Law Firm and digging myself out of some very old debts.
Vera Haegely 1 year ago
Mik and Brent were there for me through this very difficult time. Not only was I going through this, but at the same time went through a divorce.They helped me without question or judgment. I appreciate them very much, and have already referred them to a family member. I will continue to refer them as well. They new my financial situation and accommodated me. Thank you very much!!!
April R 1 year ago
Attorney Liviakis is simply the best, he demeanor, concern convey when you visit his office and on the phone. Brent is so kind also! I hope to never be in my situation again but if so I m calling Attorney Liviakis. I ve recommended him to several coworkers and will continue.
Sarah Coufos 1 year ago
It took all of five minutes for Mik to assuage my fears of bankruptcy. I was expecting condescension and judgement and was met instead with kindness and an actual plan. He and his team have been incredibly helpful in providing support throughout the process. They have kept me informed and have always been available to answer any questions or respond to concerns. I am so glad to have chosen Liviakis Law Firm and would suggest anyone else considering bankruptcy to do the same.
Jenna Jimenez 1 year ago
The experience I had with Mik Liviakis was very professional and more than exceptional. I am very happy with the services that were provided with my bankruptcy and am now on my way to a better financial future.
Ana Sandoval 1 year ago
Both Mik and Brent made it easy to go thru the process. They always answer any questions via email really quick.
Patricia Ponce 1 year ago
I highly recommend using this firm if you like working with professionals, Mik was so friendly and professional, I always felt secure and protected.
Twinzmom16 Harris 1 year ago
For such a big decision as this was for me, Mik Liviakis made the process easy and understandable- with zero judgment or intimidation. I am so happy with the services he provided. I made the best decision when choosing Liviakis Law Firm!
William Nado 1 year ago
Before I visited Liviakis Law Firm I contacted almost five others Law firm unfortunately they all make me scare stated my case was too complex and will charge more than the regular price.Than I visited Liviakis Law firm and personal spoke with Mik the attorney he make everything so smooth and give me the confidence to relax and not stress where the others firm was making scare Mik assure me all will be okay Mik is a very calm and knowledgeable attorney always return call right away his team are very case was well completed. I will recommend Liviakis Law firm to anyone want to be stress free.
Yasmine Seropian 1 year ago
Everyone is so nice and professional, I felt safe and supported the whole time, no question this is the best bankruptcy you can get. I am serious.
Donna Vargas 1 year ago
It was my first Bankruptcy and it went smoothly. The best service I can imagine.
Cliff Dickey 2 years ago
I don't think there is a better law firm to handle this. They were all very professional and friendly. They treated me with respect, and they always returned my calls very quickly. Very smooth process for me, and I really appreciated that.
Randall Hamm 2 years ago
Nobody gets ahead in life without the help and support of other people. One of the great privileges I've had is to meet Mr. Mik Liviakis of Liviakis Law Firm. He is true to his word, he gave me the confidence that I can actually accomplish more than I may have believed was possible . If you want a dedicated, thoughtful, productive lawyer and you want your peace of mind back with a clearer picture of what it means to be strong and confident again, please contact Mr. Liviakis. He can change your thinking and change your life for the better. KUDOS to Liviakis Law Firm.
Jessica Bun 2 years ago
One of the best law firm with an amazing team!I had a difficult situation with my financial debt before I found Liviakis Law Firm. Mik and his team managed the entire process with ease and confidence.They were with me every step of the way and handled every documents professionally in a timely manner.I am extremely grateful to have found this firm and am absolutely satisfied in the work that they did to allow me to enjoy some financial freedom and breathe again!Thanks Mik and Brent!
Donna Fultineer 2 years ago
Mik and his team was a life saver. Did exactly what he promised and went the extra mile. I can't thank him enough.
Jennifer Pierce 2 years ago
Great, friendly, extremely knowledgeable. We were lucky to find this law firm. I highly recommend his service.
Koffhaus 2 years ago
Helped me out through a difficult divorce and subsequent Chapter 13. I would highly recommend him!!
Jordan Donahue 2 years ago
I am so glad we found Liviakis Law firm. Mik was very professional as was everyone on his team. We were treated like people and not a number. Mik was there at all hours of the day to answer any questions or concearns we had. We took control of our lives again thanks to this wonderful law firm.Highly recomend using thier services if you are thinking of filing bankruptcy.
Dannie's Family 2 years ago
Mik and his team were great, they explained every detail every step of the way. I found his website online with great reviews and happy with the service I received.
Callie Coomes 2 years ago
Very pleased with the support and outcome of my case.
Cathy Novaresi 4 years ago
When I met with Mik at the suggestion of a family member, I was beyond distraught at the possibility of losing my home having endured a unexpected financial hardship. The mortgage company would not work with me. Mik was my last hope. By the time I left his office I felt empowered, respected and knew I was going to be ok! My feeling of hopelessness dissolved! This was the first time months that I did not feel like a failure! The process was painless and the entire team was friendly, responsive and professional. Jeremy attended my court date with me and put me at ease and kept reassuring me everything was going be ok. I was so nervous! I had a successful outcome and the heavy burden I was carrying was lifted! Liviakis Law Firm treats you like family and I would HIGHLY recommend this firm for their knowledge, success rate and professionalism.
Odessa Barrera 3 years ago
This is probably the most helpful firm that my family has come across. Im glad that Mik took the time to quickly meet with us and give us sound legal advice to get us successfully through the issues that we needed resolved. I have recommended this firm toFriends and family because I know that they would get the attentionand dedication that they need and they deserve. The biggest thing that stands out is that this bankruptcy attorney patiently listens before he comes up a plan. He was more interested in what we had to say than anything else. We felt that we had all of his attention and he was genuinely interested on getting to know us.
Randy Wall 3 years ago
Working with Mr Liviakis and his team, was simply a stress free experience! I thank Livikis Law Firm for helping me lift the huge weight off my shoulders. I can sleep at night once again. I highly recommend Liviakis Law Firm. They listen and understand everything you tell them, and do so with much respect. They did everything they said they would do. I cannot thank everyone at Liviakis Law Firm enough. If you need help, this is the law firm to call. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!Thank You Again!!!
Tina Shea Ingrassia 3 years ago
Mik is the most caring attorney. His team is so great! I cannot believe still how much they have helped me out! They have gone above and beyond what I would expect any attorney to do! I am so glad I chose him to assist me in my bankruptcy.
Cliff Morton 3 years ago
I have nothing but admiration for this company and in particular Mik. I was so stressed out before coming here, but feel such a weight has been lifted. I would highly recommend this place to alll my friends and family. what a pleasant stress free experience.
Barbara Florentine 3 years ago
We are so grateful to Mik and his team, our team, for such expert care and mediation skills. Having the tools and plan for potential once again is a blessing. Thank you for all your help.
Amanda Skibby 3 years ago
I would recommend Liviakis Law Firm to all my family and friends struggling with the decision to file bankruptcy. The service my husband and I received was personal and professional. The process was simple, follow the steps and guidelines provided, follow-up with questions or concerns, and commit to making a change. It is never easy to make a decision that will impact the next several years of your life but with the very best service from Liviakis Law Firm it helps to ease the worry and stress. Now that we have successfully filed bankruptcy I can't image having gone through any other law firm.
Jennifer Pierce 4 years ago
Both my husband and I really enjoyed dealing with Mik Liviakis and his crew. They were very efficient, knowledgeable, hard working, always answered our calls right away. In addition, they educated us in information that we needed for our case. I really appreciate having them work for us, they made a normally difficult time into something much smoother and easier. We were truly lucky to find them. Their office is beautiful, and everyone is very friendly. I would highly recommend them to anybody in the same situation.
Tony Escujuri 4 years ago
5 years ago, I needed some financial help and we investigated about a dozen attorneys. After our initial consultation in 2010 we felt very comfortable and confident hiring Liviakis Law firm. Now it is 2015 and we are financial free from all debt. Liviakis Law was key to making this happen. If you are in need of legal financial help please give them a call and include Liviakis Law Firm in your path to financial freedom. Thanks to all at Liviakis Law. We have appreciated all you have done for us.
David Hamner 4 years ago
Mik Liviakis and his team has turned a difficult time into a less painful process. He was non-judgmental and creative in coming up with the best solution for us. They were there every step of the way and helped us understand the process and overcome any hurdles. Now everything has worked out and we will be able to have a fresh start thanks to Mik Liviakis and his team. Thank you!
Ana Mejia 4 years ago
During my most difficult financial time, the call I made to the Liviakis Law Firm was extremely helpful and informative that I decided to hire them. I've had the most pleasant and worry free experience having the Liviakis Law Firm Team help me. Mik, Jeremy, Brent, and Laurie got me through my Bankruptcy by answering all of my questions, preparing me step by step on the process and standing by my side every step of the way especially attending the Meeting of Creditors, which was nerve wrecking. Mik and his team have taken a heavy burden off my shoulders and have given me the chance to start new. I am extremely grateful for the Liviakis Law Firm Team.
Ana Mejia 4 years ago
Looking for a good bankruptcy lawyer was challenging during my stressful financial time. Calling the Liviakis Law Firm and speaking to Laurie, a very caring and pleasant person, who was able to fit me in right away. Hiring Mik Liviakis was the best decision I made. He showed great knowledge in Bankruptcy Law and was very understanding with how I was feeling. Brent and Jeremy were on top of making sure all documents were in place and guiding me every step of the way. Everyone from the Liviakis Law Firm made me feel very comfortable and at ease during this stressful time in my life. I am extremely grateful for them and am glad I made the drive.
Jen Tunis 4 years ago
Aggressive lawyers that get results! They were clear and fair in their pricing for services and their professionals were kind in helping me achieve results.
Nicole Ayres 4 years ago
All the people I worked with were great. They made sure I understood everything and were there with me every step of the way. They were patient and understanding. I never felt like I was not in good hands. The provided the best service possible. I would recommend them to anyone.
Aquadrifter Ca 4 years ago
An outstanding experience. Finding and retaining a quality attorney can be stressful. In many ways like throwing darts. I am hoping by reading this you will feel as comfortable retaining the services of Liviakis Law as I was satisfied and thrilled with my experience. The team was exceptional at every stage of the process. From communication to consultation to execution... I always was impressed with the performance and ultimately with the results. I highly recommend Liviakis Law as your partner on your path to a better place in your life.
Ravinder Gill 4 years ago
We went to see Miki when our second mortgage company was trying to foreclose on us, we was using a debt management co who were trying to get it settled of a lot lesser amount,which didn't go down well with the bank.with only 5 days left until the sale of our house we decide to get council and boy are we glad we met Miki from the get go he was very reassuring and before we know it they had done all the paperwork and filed with the court and stop the sale of our house.We now have a affordable chapter 13 payment.
Troy Neely 4 years ago
We started to file Bankruptcy with another Law firm in Roseville on Douglas Blvd., and THANK GOD my husband had questions and went to LIVIAKIS LAW FIRM to ask them. After finding out how KNOWLEDGEABLE and AGRESSIVE "Mikki" is, we immediately switched. It saved us SOOO much money and we were able to keep our cars and other property we were told we couldn't keep with the other Law Firm. He lowered interest rates, values and balances on our existing property, and we only had to come up with a minimal down payment. We didn't have to wonder what was happening as he (and his associates), kept us informed all the way. No time wasted here, we were in and out. We couldn't believe it was so painless and quick. He really cared about us and he has a good sense of humor along with a professional manner. THANX MIKKI...... 😉 SAVE TIME...GO HERE FIRST....YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT !!!!!!!!!! I PROMISE .....
Jerry de Vore 4 years ago
As soon as I met Miki Liviakis I was put at ease by his gentle nature. His subtle sense of humor and way of putting legal terms into plain English added to the relief I felt at having finally taken a step in a direction that would relieve me from debilitating debt.
Marsha Burch 6 years ago
Whenever a friend or client needs the advice of a bankruptcy attorney, I refer them to Mikalah Liviakis without hesitation. He is truly an expert in his field and a pleasure to work with.
Maria Palenchar 6 years ago
From credit counseling, to foreclosure and bankruptcy law, Mikalah and his staff are good at their job, have experience and are caring. Mikalah goes out of his way to get the work done and keep his clients informed!
C Bardy 6 years ago
How does one really express their true feelings with going through the pain of drowning in debt? I would like to share is that from the moment I walked into Mikalah Liviakis office I could start to feel the since of relief. Once I signed my name on the dotted line with my child sitting in Mikalah Liviakis office I knew from that moment forward that day was going to be the fresh start that I was in desperate need of to be the mother I have always wanted to be to my child. Without the help of Mikalah Liviakis I would be sitting in my home wondering what was I going to next looking at my child praying he couldn't tell what was going on. Mikalah Liviakis walked me through the entire process holding my hand each step of the way committing himself to me without any hesitation or reservations. With his commitment to myself and my child he created my case within less that 24 hours, and in about 72 hours from creating my case I will have my vehicle back from the repo company. Would I recommend Mikalah Liviakis to anyone that I may run across in the near/distance future without a doubt. This man not only has made a pledge to be an up biding citizen to the courts but he has also made a commitment to his clients he will do everything in his power to make things seem clear and correct. Thank you Mikalah Liviakis for going above and beyond to fix what I have created and giving myself the fresh start so desperately needed.
Sally W 6 years ago
I really like this law office. As far as bankruptcy lawyers go Mikalah is good at his job. Finding someone that cares about clients in the legal word is pretty tough to do, and Mikalah goes out of his way to get the work done and keep clients informed.
Izabela Gibalewicz 6 years ago
Very professional and talented bankruptcy attorney. He helped me though a very difficult situation. I recommend Liviakis to others in the community of Sacramento. Liviakis took time to answer all of the bankruptcy questions that I had. My case turned out very well. It was an easy experience and no stress at all.
Azarm Rad 7 years ago
Great Attorney. It was a pleasure having and working with Mikalah Liviakis as my attorney. He explained every aspect of my case and answered all my questions at anytime. He is a Professional, Kind and Friendly lawyer and I highly recommend him to all my friends and family who are looking for a knowledgeable, caring, honest attorney. Thank you Mikalah.
A Google User 7 years ago
I must say I havent ever had to go through something like this before in my life. Mikalah and his team (especially Shaleen) made this process pretty painless. I felt like they were with me every step of the way. His fee's are competitive and he was extremly professional. I would highly recommend Mikalah to help you work through the unexpected, as he absolutely knows what he is doing!!! Much Thanks to everyone there!!!!!
A Google User 8 years ago
Mikalah was able to help me tremendously with my case and had great communication throughout the process. He guided me through everything easily and fast. He put a lot of sincere effort and was so friendly, he got to know my family. I was able to win my case for my business all due to his hard work. He saved me from losing my business and I am very greatful. Overall, I couldn't have had a more amazing attorney to work with.
A Google User 8 years ago
Mikalah explained everything clearly and answered any questions I had at any time. He is professional, thorough, and kind. I highly recommend him!
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