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At Liviakis Law, we are proud to offer anyone who is seriously committed to rebuilding their financial future a free, no-commitment consultation with a Sacramento debt relief attorney.

We’ll discuss your financial situation and help determine which debt relief solution is best for putting you on a path to financial renewal.

Whether you are interested in debt settlement, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, preventing wage garnishment, stopping creditor harassment, or just need professional financial guidance — we are committed to helping you learn your Californian rights and debt relief options.

    Why Do Clients Choose Liviakis Law?

    Debt Expertise That Produces Results

    The California bankruptcy process can be long and complex, especially for individuals without any legal background or financial expertise.

    At Liviakis Law, we act as your legal and financial guide to help you through the bankruptcy process and protect the assets that are most important to you — while eliminating as much debt as possible to help you build your new financial future.

    We Give Clients More Than A Restart

    Financial freedom requires more than just a restart, it also calls for a change of mindset.

    We work with those that have honest intentions of building a financial future and give our clients tools and education in addition to legal counsel to guide their future.

    Affordable Fees and Plans For Everyone

    At Liviakis Law, we are committed to finding the most intelligent and creative plan to resolve debt situations at an affordable price for our clients.

    Our unique fee structure combines multiple legal services in a single payment or as a monthly plan, allowing our clients flexibility to pay fees in a way that works best for them.

    Ready to start rebuilding your financial future free from debt?

    A free, no-commitment debt relief consultation with Sacramento’s leading bankruptcy and debt relief experts to get you started on your path to a financial future free of debt.

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