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Have you accumulated more debt than you can afford to pay off?

You aren’t alone. Many Californians fall behind on debt payments every year due to rising costs of living, housing, and unforeseen financial circumstances.

The good news is that you have consumer rights and options that can be leveraged for debt relief.

As Sacramento’s award-winning debt attorney, I have over a decade of experience in negotiating with creditors to consolidate and reduce debt, lower interest rates, stop creditor harassment, and more.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals, families, and California business owners eliminate over $10,000,000 in debt since 2008 through smart legal strategies and one-on-one financial guidance.

If your debts are too great or you’re experiencing creditor harassment and want to understand your rights and options for debt relief, give me a call and start your free debt settlement consultation today.


What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement provides debt relief by negotiating a legal agreement with creditors to reduce the amount of money that is owed on your accounts.


How Can a Sacramento Debt Attorney Help?

As an experienced Sacramento debt lawyer, I review your financial situation and then walk you through intelligent solutions that can be used to settle your debts with creditors.

My debt attorney services include a thorough review of your finances to determine if debt settlement is right for you (or whether filing bankruptcy is better), a step-by-step plan to achieving a favorable debt settlement with your creditors, and skilled negotiation on your behalf with your creditors to secure the best possible financial outcome for you, your family, and your business.

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    Client Testimonial

    Wonderful Bankruptcy Attorney!

    I retained Mr. Liviakis after a very bad experience with another lawyer who basically abandoned my case. Mr. Liviakis was thorough in his analysis of the law and the facts of the case and very prompt in responding to all of my questions. His professional handling of the case gave me confidence that the matter would be done right.

    Professional and Talented Attorney

    Very professional and talented bankruptcy attorney. He helped me though a very difficult situation. I recommend Liviakis to others in the community of Sacramento. Liviakis took time to answer all of the bankruptcy questions that I had. My case turned out very well. It was an easy experience and no stress at all.

    They Truly Cared

    After interviewing several lawyers, I decided to use Miki. Miki and his staff were knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. They kept me informed every step of the way and made me feel like they “cared”. I have worked with a number of attorneys over the past 25 years and Miki is someone whom you can trust.

    Definitely Recommend

    I would definitely recommend Atty. Liviakis to anyone that I know that needs help to sort out their financial problem. Very easy to talk to and always prompt when I have questions. Chapter 11 Client

    Mikalah was the most informed and knowledgeable proffesional i have ever had the privilege to work with.not only did he handle our case succesfully,he treated us with dignity and respect in a very tough time. I highly recomend this attorney he is a man with integrity,a true professional.

    Chapter 7 Client

    Liviakis Law Firm was professional and empathetic to my situation. I felt that I could discuss my situation without judgment or feeling shame. I appreciated the quick communication and professional demeanor of all staff. 

    The Advantages of Debt Settlement in California

    There are many important advantages to working with a California debt attorney to complete a debt settlement.

    The main advantages of debt settlement include saving your extra income from high-interest payments, getting out of debt without filing bankruptcy, protecting your credit score, and reducing stress with a simplified debt reduction plan.

    Keep your Payments Affordable

    A Sacramento debt attorney can work with your creditors to negotiate and restructure your debt so to help lower your interest rates, save your home and business, and make your payments more affordable — saving you significant amounts of money in the long run.

    No Need to File Bankruptcy

    With an out-of-court debt settlement solution, you can avoid filing for bankruptcy in California and protect your financial assets from being liquidated in addition to helping you rebuild your credit faster.

    Stop Creditor Harassment Immediately

    A debt settlement attorney can provide legal representation on your behalf and negotiate an affordable payment plan that both sides agree upon so that you can live your life free from creditor harassment.

    Is Debt Settlement Right For Me?

    Debt settlement isn’t a cure-all for everyone.

    However, for many individuals, an intelligent debt settlement solution can help save significant sums of money and shave years off of payments, and provide peace of mind with an affordable path to a brighter financial future.

    Alternatives to Debt Settlement:
    Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Determining if an out-of-court debt settlement solution is right for your requires a careful evaluation of your finances in addition to weighing other legal options such as filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

    This includes:

    • The type of debt and amount owed (use our debt calculator here)
    • To whom the debts are owed
    • The amount of interest you are currently paying
    • Your income, financial assets, and property
    • Your financial history (such as previous bankruptcies)
    • Your current disposable income and ability to make payments
    • Any pending home foreclosure proceedings or repossessions

    Filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California can also help reduce or completely eliminate your debts, but these solutions depend entirely on your financial circumstances.

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    At Liviakis Law Firm, I work with clients who are interested in solving their debt problems with the help of a Sacramento attorney skilled at protecting their assets from creditors pressuring them to make monthly payments.

    I will thoroughly and clearly explain the debt settlement process and advise on how an out-of-court payment plan differs from bankruptcy.

    Contact Liviakis Law today so that we can help determine your best course of action for financial renewal.

    Mik and Brent were there for me through this very difficult time. Not only was I going through this, but at the same time went through a divorce.They helped me without question or judgment. I appreciate them very much, and have already referred them to a family member. I will continue to refer them as well. They new my financial situation and accommodated me. Thank you very much!!!

    -Liviakis Law Debt Settlement Client

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