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Debt Relief: Credit Card Debt Settlement and Consolidation

Debt Relief: Become Debt Free with Debt Settlement

Debt settlement involves negotiation for a reduced payment toward your credit cards and personal loans.  Since settling your debts is a non-bankruptcy option that is best handled by a professional it is often the first method to consider when it comes to getting out of debt.  That's because finding relief from debt while paying creditors an amount that you can afford is a dignified option.  For those that care about their credit and want to build a strong credit profile in the future, reaching an out of court agreement with those that you owe money can go a long way to helping you get back on track to a solid financial future.

Debt Relief Begins with a Debt Reduction Plan

The first place to start when approaching your debts is to make a list of your creditors and to tally up the balances.  As simple as it sounds to start adding up credit card accounts, many people in debt have been putting off facing all of their debt problems. The good news is that starting a debt settlement program with an attorney is a completely non-court non-bankruptcy option.

Once you know who you owe and how much they are seeking from you, you can sit down with a professional to talk about the best way to reduce your debt quickly.  A debt relief professional can help you calculate how much you will need to start saving in order to build up enough funds to use for settlement. Paying your creditors a portion of what you owe them is the biggest difference between debt settlement and chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement Offers Some Key Advantages over Debt Consolidation

It can take a few months or sometimes a few years to build up the proper amount of money to get creditors to take you seriously.  But once you agree on a fair amount to resolve your account, you can start to move forward with financial confidence. It's important that when your debt reduction advocate settles your debt you obtain a written confirmation of full satisfaction on your account.  In addition, debt relief options can trigger income tax debt at the completion of a settlement.  Meeting with a tax professional is an essential part of becoming totally debt free. Debt settlement typically gives relief with fewer payments and less interest than debt consolidation.

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During the debt relief analysis you will learn how to:

  1. Start saving more for retirement
  2. Rebuild a stronger credit report
  3. Reduce stress by making a simple debt reduction plan
  4. Get out of debt without filing bankruptcy
  5. Stop wasting your extra income on high interest credit card payments

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