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Are you looking for personal advice from a Woodland, CA bankruptcy attorney? 

At Liviakis Law, we focus on helping clients in the Woodland area achieve timely financial solutions. Our firm an experienced bankruptcy attorney that can help you deal with any of the difficult situations that usually precede a bankruptcy filing.

Proudly Assisting Woodland, CA with start-to-finish solutions for every chapter of the bankruptcy code.

As you may have already noticed, our firm is located in Rancho Cordova, CA. This location allows us to serve many nearby communities, including Woodland.

Liviakis Law has an established and respected reputation with Woodland area courts, trustees, and clients and can help you find the right legal solutions and financial tools to rebuild your financial future.

Let Liviakis Law Firm attorneys help you get financial relief

Our attorneys are qualified to help you and have diverse experience in the realm of bankruptcy law. We strive to practice with integrity, offer compassion, and achieve results. You are in good hands when you choose our firm for representation.

Mik Liviakis has helped protect Woodland residents from debtors and creditors:

Stop Foreclosure

Reduce Credit Card Debt

Settle Debt Outside of Court

Prevent Tax Liens

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    Why Woodland Clients Choose Liviakis Law

    Unprecedented Legal Expertise

    We’ve processed thousands of bankruptcy cases and have eliminated tens of millions of dollars in debt for our clients.

    We are one of the only law firms that has the expertise to file every chapter of bankruptcy in addition to non-bankruptcy solutions.

    Committed to Integrity & Honesty

    We’re committed to delivering honest, intelligent strategies to help clients find solutions that many other law firms don’t look for.

    We offer free consultations and legal advice because we take pride in serving the Sacramento community and believe that the quality of our work speaks for itself.

    Our Solutions Go Beyond Debt Resolution

    Building a debt-free future in Woodland requires more than just a restart.

    Our clients are provided with both legal solutions in addition to financial tools and education to build a new financial life after debt relief.

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