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Placerville Bankruptcy Lawyer

At Liviakis Law Firm, we have a qualified, educated, and experienced bankruptcy lawyers serving Placerville, CA that are ready to help you. Excessive debt, piling bills, and demanding credit companies are difficult to handle. It can pile up in a hurry for all types of reasons, even gambling.  We know that the loss of your financial stronghold is not your fault and that’s why bankruptcy is available to people who need a fresh start.  Not to mention you could be facing foreclosure or losing your business causing you to stress about how you will earn a living. There is so much stress that is involved in figuring out what’s next when you are in these situations. Filing for bankruptcy might be the correct next step to take, but you won’t find out for sure until you meet with our attorney.

At your complimentary initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our team members to review your current financial state. Once we look over the specifics and evaluate your current situation, we can offer sound legal advice about how you should proceed. From corporate operations to small families, we know which Chapter filing will work best for your situation.

Start-to-Finish Solutions

There are many parts to the filing process and we are here to assist with every step. Our firm offers start-to-finish solutions. There are many benefits to hiring a legal professional and having a knowledgeable advocate tops the list. A bankruptcy lawyer can educate you about every stage of the filing process for chapter 7 bankruptcy, oversee paperwork, organize meetings, and handle communication between creditors, you, and other parties.

Placerville Residents Can Choose Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For the hard working people of Placerville, CA paying debt is always a first priority but sometimes due to no fault of your own you need an exceptional solution.  Planning for the best debt relief option is important to avoiding many of the problems that borrows run into when the pressure starts to build.

Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

There are a few costly mistakes that homeowners in Placerville make before filing for bankruptcy.  These errors can quickly derail an otherwise good effort to reduce your debts. First, its important to both research the value of your real estate and to accurately report it on your bankruptcy paperwork.  Doing so prevents creditors from blocking your bankruptcy plans, which may even put your land in play for sale.  Second, you can't give away the things that you own before you file your case.  Doing so unfairly reduces the value of your assets.  It appears that you are seeking an unfair advantage even if that's not what you intended.  It is possible to sell property but it must be done at a fair market value and the paperwork detailing the sale must be carefully maintained.  Finally, many bankruptcy filers make the mistake of incurring charges on credit cards once they start considering a bankruptcy filing.  The problem with these charges is that creditors presume that you dont mean to pay back these debts.  Not only can these charges be excepted from the discharge but they send the wrong image about you to the creditors that you are seeking a fair resolution with.

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Get started on your journey toward more financial freedom today. Our attorney is currently accepting new clients. Schedule a meeting today to get started. Bankruptcy doesn’t need to be a scary, stressful thing in your life. Accept our help and get the peace of mind you need to enjoy life again.

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