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El Dorado Hills Debt Reduction Lawyer

Welcome to Liviakis Law. Our bankruptcy attorneys assist the good people of El Dorado Hill, CA, offering guidance with the entire bankruptcy process from sifting through paperwork to consolidating debt to determining the right filing status for you and more. Our debt relief lawyers are knowledgeable about the laws that encompass filing for bankruptcy and you can rest easy when you hire us for aggressive representation. Our goal is to find the best solution for each client on an individual basis. We examine every detail before we make a plan of action. Our firm pays special attention to reducing your debt while ensuring that you maintain ownership of your home.

Your Source of Debt Relief Information form a Knowledgeable Attorney

When you are considering bankruptcy, it can be scary. You might not know where to go for information or who you can trust. When you hire one of our El Dorado Hills lawyers, we solve both those problems. Our attorneys will work on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome. We have years of legal experience to assist you during the process and you are always welcome to come to us with your questions about filing for bankruptcy. Consider us your source of information on the topic whether you will be filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, or Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Residents of El Dorado Hills, CA

The city of El Dorado Hills includes lots of successful and hardworking families.  The pride of these families is often sharing experiences together in their homes.  As chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys we place your family home at the top of the list of priorities to protect.  So whether you are behind on your mortgage payments due to no fault of your own or your are fortunate to have $100,000 or more of equity in your home, we can help.  That's because we design a customized debt relief plan, usually only 36-60 months long that both reduces your high interest debt and protects your home from foreclosure, trustees, and creditor lawsuits.  Once you know that your finances are in order, you can starting giving all of your attention to succeeding in your career and spending quality time with your family in El Dorado Hills.

Credit Card Debt Prevents El Dorado County Residents from Retiring Young

Living in El Dorado Hills means living in style.  With many elegant homes and fashionable residents living in the foothills is expensive.  So credit card debt is just part of balancing a budget to keep your family current with the latest clothing, furniture, and technology.  But over time credit card debt takes a toll on your ability to save, invest, and retire young. That's why its quite common for residents to utilize the services of a debt relief attorney.  Reducing credit card debt or at least lowering the interest rates down to 1-2 percent can have a profound effect on have a future with prosperity for your family.  Those same monthly interest payments can be better used for college tuition, business improvements, retirement savings, and real estate investment.  So don't delay in beginning to restructure your credit card debt with an El Dorado Hills bankruptcy or debt relief attorney.  The Liviakis Law Firm is available with valuable legal advice.

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Worry no more! Schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney from Liviakis Law Firm now and get help with your bankruptcy filing.  Many of our clients live and work in El Dorado Hills and we focus on eliminating your high interest credit card debt while protecting your family home from creditors.  We will find an appointment time and meeting location that fits in your schedule.

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