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Are you struggling with debt and afraid you will lose your home or vehicles?  

A Carmichael bankruptcy attorney can discuss your options with you and help you decide on the best actions to secure your financial future.

Getting Credit Card Solutions in Carmichael, CA

Our bankruptcy lawyers at Liviakis Law Firm serve the people of Carmichael, CA with timely advice to become debt-free.

Our services include bankruptcy and debt relief services, carried out with pride and integrity. We help individuals, families, and business owners who are facing complex and often staggering debt issues.

We Can Help You Get Your Finances Under Control

We focus on modern solutions to debt problems as we provide sound advice and effective legal representation to the people of Carmichael, CA. For legal help to get on the right track towards your secure financial future, contact one of our attorneys today.

Mik Liviakis has helped protect Carmichael residents from debtors and creditors:

Foreclosure Defense

Creditor Harassment

Debt Settlement

Student Loan Debt Relief

Call a Carmichael Bankruptcy Attorney Today. Our law firm has earned recognition among satisfied clients as well as creditors and bankruptcy court trustees for employing honest, intelligent strategies for our clients. Call or come by one of our convenient locations today for a free consultation and talk to a Carmichael bankruptcy attorney.

    Why Carmichael Clients Choose Liviakis Law

    Unprecedented Legal Expertise

    p>We’ve processed thousands of bankruptcy cases and have eliminated tens of millions of dollars in debt for our clients.

    We are one of the only law firms that has the expertise to file every chapter of bankruptcy in addition to non-bankruptcy solutions.

    Committed to Integrity & Honesty

    We’re committed to delivering honest, intelligent strategies to help clients find solutions that many other law firms don’t look for.

    We offer free consultations and legal advice because we take pride in serving the Sacramento community and believe that the quality of our work speaks for itself.

    Our Solutions Go Beyond Lowering Debt

    Building a debt-free future in Carmichael requires more than just a restart.

    Our clients are provided with both legal solutions in addition to financial tools and education to build a new financial life.

    Ready to start rebuilding your financial future free from debt?

    A free, no-commitment debt relief consultation with Carmichael’s leading bankruptcy and debt relief experts to get you started on your path to a financial future free of debt.

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