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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

Do you owe more than you can afford to pay? As a debt attorney I frequently negotiate with creditors to reduce debt and lower interest rates, which makes payments more affordable — and allows you to keep your family home and your business from being sued. An out-of-court workout means that you won’t need to file bankruptcy. For those with large assets who want to avoid filing bankruptcy, debt settlement offers a feasible payment plan without court litigation.

At Liviakis Law Firm, I work with clients who are interested in solving their debt problems with the help of a Sacramento attorney skilled at protecting their assets from creditors pressuring them to make monthly payments. I will thoroughly and clearly explain the debt settlement process and advise on how an out-of-court payment plan differs from bankruptcy.

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Make Payments to Creditors More Affordable Through Loan Cram-Downs With the Help of Our Sacramento Lawyer

With the help of an experienced and straightforward bankruptcy attorney, take advantage of the opportunity to save money and improve your monthly cash flow. Negotiation of student loan debt consolidation and payment reduction is particularly advantageous for clients burdened with substantial amounts of student loans, which are not dischargeable in bankruptcy-absent extraordinary circumstances.

To start, bring in a list of your creditors and the amounts of debt owed to each one. From there our firm will build a plan that reduces loan payments to fit your budget and keep your valuable assets

If you own a business and are facing litigation from creditors, our firm will explain the priority among creditors. Knowing which creditors to pay and when to pay them is crucial to keeping your company running after your revenue has dropped. During settlement talks we will draft a plan that prepares creditors for a pre-packaged chapter 11 to stop banks from filing lawsuits.

Reduce Business and Secured Debt With a Citrus Heights Attorney

I represent clients in communities throughout Sacramento County, El Dorado County and Placer County, California, from my conveniently located Rancho Cordova and Sacramento offices. My offices are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and include free parking.

For a free initial consultation, contact an experienced, knowledgeable Sacramento and Folsom bankruptcy and cram-downs attorney who is ready to help you start building a secure financial future. The bankruptcy lawyer you hire will make a difference in the successful outcome of your case and your financial outlook.
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