Holiday Spending Matters For Economic Growth

The last decade has been an economic roller coaster from the near peak unemployment rate to the housing market bubble and crash. Just a few short years ago, economists were concerned about the rate of consumer spending as most Americans simply weren't buying enough to sustain economic growth as hoped. Given that consumer spending accounts for a large percent of our economy, a drop in spending could have had drastic effects on the economic recovery needed around the time of the housing market crash.

In the last few years, rates of all aspects of the economy have stabilized and shifted towards improvement. And as 2016 draws to a close, it is predicted that consumer spending this holiday season with exceed that of last year. Further, many are predicting an overall rise in 2017 by several percentage points.

Spending And Saving

While spending is healthy for our economy, it certainly isn't healthy for a personal financial plan managed carelessly. Frivolous spending is easy to fall victim to, and too many people end up  on a slippery slope. One of the biggest assets older generations have taught us is financial balance, such as how to balance a check book, save for the future, and plan for purchases. However, younger generations aren't getting those same lessons and many are getting deeper in debt with each passing year.

If you haven't learned some financial tools to help you better manage your money in a way that allows you to spend without stretching your limits, consider a credit counseling course. These informative 90 minute courses can teach you some simple tips to boost your budgeting skills to provide you the perfect spend vs. save balance.

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