Yreka Bankruptcy Lawyer: What is bankruptcy court?

What is bankruptcy court? To put it simply, bankruptcy courts are the courts in which all bankruptcies must be filed, including those for Yreka bankruptcy attorneys. After a person has prepared his or her petition, schedules, and other documents, that person must file those documents at the bankruptcy court for his or her district. As bankruptcy courts are federal courts, they are often found in federal buildings along with other federal courts.

Unlike most other courts, bankruptcy courts are specialized. The judges in these courts will usually only hear bankruptcy cases and matters related to bankruptcy cases, meaning that most bankruptcy judges are experts in bankruptcy law. Also, unlike most other judges, bankruptcy court judges are appointed for fourteen year terms.

While filing for bankruptcy does have its downsides, there are also many benefits. Bankruptcy allows a person to discharge almost all of his or her debts. Further, when a person files for bankruptcy a stay against almost all creditor actions is automatically put into effect. This means that lawsuits and other collection actions, as well as foreclosures, will be put on hold.

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