Utility Shut-Offs and Bankruptcy

If you find yourself struggling with your debt due to a job loss, being underemployed, or illness, you may find that you have fallen behind on your utility bills. If you are worried that your lights or your water are about to be shut off, contact a bankruptcy attorney to stop the actions against you.

Automatic Stay

One of the benefits of filing bankruptcy is that it puts an immediate stop to bill collectors due to the automatic stay. All actions will stop, such as vehicle repossessions, foreclosures, phone calls, letters, and utilities shut off. The automatic stay also temporarily stops all lawsuits against you by creditors.

20 Days

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stop utility shut off for up to 20 days. Within that time, the debtor can either pay the remaining balance on the bill or stop services and have the bill wiped away in bankruptcy. When you have received a cut off notice, and you just don't have the money to pay it, sometimes contacting your utility provider can get you some more time. Several low-income energy assistance programs can help you with your monthly utility bill if you qualify. By contacting your local Health and Human Services organizations, you can usually find some agencies to help you.

If you have more debt problems than just utility bills and you don't know how you are going to pay them, contact a Roseville bankruptcy attorney today.

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