Delinquent Debt is Common, but Bankruptcy Can Help

It might surprise you to hear that 77 million Americans who have a credit file have current delinquent debt. That means that 35% of us have an unpaid bill that is at least 30 days late and has been sent to a collection agency.

Not the Whole Story

These numbers might not even tell the whole story because they don't include people who don't have credit files, people who are behind in mortgage debt, and those who are in debt to family and friends. Debt is and will continue to be a reality for many US residents, but for those who want to find relief, bankruptcy offers a solution.

A Fresh Start

Bankruptcy is a way to recover from financial setbacks, and filing for bankruptcy can be an opportunity to restore your credit and your peace of mind. Life after bankruptcy provides a chance for you to act and plan how to best use bankruptcy as a fresh start and an opportunity to move forward to eliminate or restructure credit card debt.

If you're wondering what you'll need to do to get through the bankruptcy process successfully, we recommend the following four things.

Have a Positive Attitude

Be positive while recovering from bankruptcy. Remember that filing for bankruptcy is a chance to consolidate debt and get the help and support you need. Stay motivated!

Seek Help

It takes experts in the field to guide you through bankruptcy. Find an advocate who can explain your options and who knows the law.

Make a Plan

After bankruptcy, you have a chance to take full responsibility for your money, bills, and credit. When you pay all of your bills on time, are very careful with your credit and spend wisely, your credit score improves.

Keep Up the Good Work

Depending upon the chapter you filed, all records of debt included in the bankruptcy should be removed after 7-10 years. It's worth the effort required to clear your credit after bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy offers a fresh start and can help you rebuild your future! Stay positive, seek help, make a plan, and keep working towards your goal. You will find success!



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