Can I Save Money By Filing Bankruptcy?

This seems like an odd question for individuals who are thinking about bankruptcy, but it’s more common that you think. The truth is, people that file bankruptcy are not typically financially reckless, but regular people, just like you, who have fallen on hard times. A job loss, expensive medical injury or illness, divorce, or sometimes all three may have compounded the hard times that you experience. It’s natural to want to not only get out of debt, but to also save money in doing so. The good news is that bankruptcy, while a complicated process, can in fact save you money, as well as, save your credit score and help you become more financially stable in the long run.

Becoming financially stable is, in fact, the main goal of Elk Grove bankruptcy. The laws that govern bankruptcies in the United States were implemented because individuals many years ago realized the need for a financial reset. The single most important expense that you want to pay when filing bankruptcy is for your attorney. You may qualify for pro-bono work if you meet your local bar association’s standards, but even if you don’t, a bankruptcy lawyer knows the bankruptcy code and can use it to your gain. This will in many examples, save you money by making you aware of exemptions that you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

When you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you work with your attorney to create a plan that leads to the discharge of your debt. By filing the appropriate paperwork, you use available money outside of bills and necessities to pay back your debt, and in some instances can have part of what you owe eliminated in upon completion of your chapter 13 plan. Either way you go, you’re surely going to save yourself money in the long run and prevent additional headache like foreclosure and asset repossession.

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