Credit Counseling: A Lesson Worth Learning

If you have heard the terms "debtor's education course" or "credit counseling" you may already know that this is a requirement of filing for bankruptcy.  What you may not know is that you don't have to be considering an Elk Grove bankruptcy in order to benefit from such a course. In fact, many people seeking to learn more about debt relief options participate in these types of courses to get ahead of their potentially doomed debt burdens; often, with the result of taking control and avoiding bankruptcy altogether.

Knowledge Is Power

Credit Counseling focuses on all your debt relief options. The course walks you through outlining your income, expenses and debt obligations to better determine your path to financial freedom. For some people, debt obligations may be better resolved through a negotiated lowered lump sum; whereas others might benefit from an interest-free period of payment installments, or even to flush all extra income towards one debt until paid in full. Making the right choice depends on your unique financial situation and a credit counseling session can help you make an educated decision.

Debtor's Education is a course that is designed to walk you through life after a bankruptcy or debt settlement arrangement. The focus here is on repairing credit and regaining successful money management habits after your debts are resolved.  This course focuses on taking the steps to avoid future financial disaster and even how to boost your financial profile through smart investment strategies.

If you are interested in participating in one of these beneficial courses, contact an Elk Grove bankruptcy lawyer to find out how to find a reputable course. With so many quick sale companies out to scam a dollar from an unsuspecting victim seeking debt relief, it is important you find a Credit Counseling company certified by the U.S. Trustees Department.


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