Bankruptcy Liquidation Process May Capture Casey Anthony's Life Story

When filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor normally selects relevant property exemptions to avoid losing valuable assets. A skilled bankruptcy attorney can walk you through the bankruptcy process. When you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, a bankruptcy trustee is appointed to oversee your estate. The trustee will examine your estate, and has authority to sell some of your property.

Depending on the situation, this can lead to undesirable results. In the bankruptcy case of Casey Anthony (who was acquitted of killing her daughter in 2011), the trustee is attempting to sell Casey Anthony's life story, on the theory that her life story is an asset, like any other. There has already been at least one bidder for her story.

Casey Anthony herself apparently doesn't want her life story to be sold in this manner, and her attorneys are attempting to stop the sale. However, because she has filed for bankruptcy, it may no longer be up to her to determine what property is sold and what isn't.

Source:  Los Angeles Times, "Casey Anthony asks bankruptcy court to block sale of life story", April 6th, 2013

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