The Bankruptcy Petition

Anyone suffering under debt problems or financial hardship understands the amount of stress money troubles can take on a person. Couple high stress burdens, along with a complicated legal process, and seeking debt relief through bankruptcy can seem like more trouble that help. Fortunately, the bankruptcy process is intended to help debtors, not work against them. By working closely with an experience Sacramento bankruptcy attorney, you can learn more about information required to eliminate your debts through bankruptcy without the stress.

What Is a Petition

The bankruptcy petition is the legal court document used to file your bankruptcy case. This document initiates your case with the court system, putting gears in motion for debt relief help. However, this document is not to be rushed or completed without the proper guidance of an attorney.

The reason for caution when it comes to the petition is the highly detailed, financial nature of the document. The petition and schedules will ask you many questions about all aspects of your finances. From debt balances, information about creditors, to your income and assets. You will need to list all of your debt accounts, income and wages, and list all of your assets and personal property. If there are any discrepancies or missing information at the time of filing the petition, your case may be dismissed, making you ineligible for a discharge of your debts at that time.

It isn’t uncommon to feel uneasy about listing such detailed information about your finances, often because of the misconception that all assets are subject to liquidation. This is simply not true for most debtors. Further, bankruptcy exemption laws offer a range of coverage for many types of property. This is why it is important to remember that accurate and honest reporting is in your best interest for the success of your case.

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