Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

Just like most other services, filing bankruptcy will cost money. An avoidable cost will be filing the legal forms and having them processed by the officers of the court. Fees vary by state and the type of bankruptcy you are filing. Attorney fees also vary by the type of bankruptcy you are filing and the complexity of the case.


What will you be getting for the fees that you pay? Will the attorney attend all of the necessary court meetings and appearances? Who will answer any questions you have during your bankruptcy, and will this be an additional fee? Will the attorney help you prepare your financial information, and if so, will that be an additional fee?


Does the attorney you are considering hiring have experience with personal bankruptcy? Does the attorney have experience in representing client bankruptcies similar to yours? And were all of the cases successfully concluded?


Do you feel comfortable with your attorney? Bankruptcy can be intimidating and a little scary, feeling like you can trust your attorney will help you through the process. Does the attorney show that they will carefully consider the details of your situation and use every possible advantage to bring your case to a favorable conclusion?

If you're looking to hire a bankruptcy attorney, contact a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney.

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