Get Help With Your Bankruptcy

If you are having financial trouble, the most educated step you can take is to hire a qualified attorney. The decision to file for bankruptcy is not an easy one, and one that shouldn’t be done without informed guidance. While there is plenty of information on the internet, and at the bookstore to help you through the legal process, nothing compares to experience.

Questions to Ask

Bankruptcy law is not simple, everyone's situation is different making each case different. Many things determine how you should file.

· How far behind you are in your payments
· Your total assets and liabilities
· Your income and sources of income
· Any owed back taxes, child support or alimony
· What forms of debt relief you have sought previously
· When you plan to retire
· Whether you will be enrolling in any continuing education

These are just some of the aspects to be considered when you consider filing bankruptcy. You and your bankruptcy lawyer can determine which type or “Chapter” of bankruptcy you should file.

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