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Are you Behind on Debts because Your Income Was Reduced?

Filing Bankruptcy After Lost Job Income

The Great Recession has resulted in many thousands of jobs lost in California and millions of unemployed across America. In an economy and society that requires two incomes to meet living expenses, nothing is more devastating to a family’s financial security than the loss of a job. Unemployment benefits cover a percentage of expenses, but eventually run out. Personal savings are quickly spent down and even retirement accounts get tapped out. There is no disputing that losing a job is a personal tragedy. How you respond to that tragedy, though, can make a difference between financial ruin, and moving forward with a sound strategy to land on your feet.

Bankruptcy Will Protect What You Worked for, While Helping You Save for the Future

From the very beginning of our country, our political leaders recognized that America is all about giving people a second chance. Some of the earliest laws passed by the Continental Congress included provisions for bankruptcy and relief from creditors. Today, millions of hard-working, honest Americans turn to Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy or Chapter 11 business bankruptcy to protect themselves from losing everything they have worked for because of losing a job, or an economy that is beyond their control.

Don’t Just Start Over From Debt — Start Planning for a Better Future Through Bankruptcy

I am debt relief attorney Mikalah Liviakis of the Liviakis Law Firm, with offices in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova, California. If you have lost your job and are facing the end of your financial rope, come and see me. I offer more than bankruptcy services. I offer hope in strategies that will help you stop creditors’ collections actions, such as home foreclosure and car repossession. I am not your typical bankruptcy lawyer. For my clients, simply starting over isn’t enough. I help you focus on how to keep the things you have worked for, so you can put a sound financial strategy in place when you are back on your feet.

Just Because You Are Unemployed, Foreclosure Doesn’t Have to Be Inevitable

Filing bankruptcy provides debtors with a chance to get back on their feet and recover to be able to start paying their mortgage payments again. That way a lost job doesn’t have to result in a lost home. Our debt relief attorneys will explain how chapter 13 allow for a low-monthly-payment option to catch up on missed mortgage payments.
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