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Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Sacramento

Are you, your family, or your business suffering from carrying the burden of debt in California and looking for a new financial future? 

We’ve represented and helped thousands of individuals in the greater Sacramento area start new lives free from  the burden of debt by filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.


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Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can include:

  • Keeping your house and help you catch up on missed payments
  • Eliminating or restructuring business debt
  • Eliminating or restructuring tax debt to prevent garnishment
  • Restructuring student loans Reducing interest rates and eliminating credit card debt
  • Catching up on missed car payments


Filing bankruptcy can be an ideal solution for hardworking  individuals and families that are overwhelmed with too much debt; in fact, over 240,000 Californians will file bankruptcy this year alone.


How Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Work?

Individuals and families who wish to restructure their debts into a reduced payment plan may file personal bankruptcy under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in California.

By filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you need only to pay a portion of your debt over a three-year or five-year period, typically at a reduced interest rate, free from additional penalties and fees, in an easy-to-manage consolidated payment plan


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Although some people  hope to eliminate their debt under Chapter 7 without paying anything to creditors, filing Chapter 13 is often more advantageous and should be considered as a superior form of bankruptcy.

The primary advantage is that all types of debt may be included in the plan, including student loans that are not dischargeable under Chapter 7. And Chapter 13 filers can eliminate just as much credit card debt as chapter 7 filers, without risking the loss of their property. 



Do I Qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Individuals must show consistent and sufficient income to pay their proposed payment plan payments in order  to qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Those who have enough income to make the restructured payments to creditors can qualify for Chapter 13.


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You qualify for Chapter 13 if you:

  • Have a significant amount of debt
  • Have enough monthly income to pay a portion of your debt 
  • Like the idea of paying something to creditors, even if this a small amount 
  • Are current in your tax filings
  • Seek to rebuild your credit by demonstrating a positive payment record to the Trustee



How Long Does The Chapter 13 Process Take In California?

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy process in California takes 36-60 months on average, but can be completed faster. Your circumstances impact the type of payment plan that the court will approve to resolve your debts.

One of the benefits of working with Liviakis Law is that you will have our legal expertise and knowledge of the chapter 13 process in Sacramento, CA , getting you on your way to financial freedom sooner rather than later.


Can I Recover My Credit Rating After?

Yes, with the right steps you can begin rebuilding your credit immediately after bankruptcy — but repairing your score can take several years depending on your score and your ability to repay creditors.

Many of our bankruptcy clients start to rebuild their credit score within two years with careful  use of a secured card or loans and making payments on time.


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While Chapter 13 bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for 7 years, you can offset negative marks with positive and consistent financial decisions. 

At Liviakis Law, we are committed to helping our bankruptcy clients with the proper education and planning so that they can rebuild their credit and even go on to purchase a car or home.


How Do I Know Chapter 13 Is Right For Me?

Bankruptcy should be used as a tool to improve your financial strength, helping you build personal wealth by investing the money you save in the debt relief process.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy works for most homeowners that want to protect their home from foreclosure and creditor lawsuits. But Chapter 13 reorganization is also great for hard working Americans that seek a powerful debt solution while still maintaining their integrity.


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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be right for you if you:

  • Are paying too much money to credit card companies each month due to high interest rates
  • Make more money than the average person or family 
  • Need to protect your house from creditors or foreclosure 
  • Need help with a reasonable payment play to catch up on back IRS and CA State Income Taxes 
  • Are a business owner  seeking to stay in business while reorganizing high debts 


In most cases, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy improves monthly cash flow. We can show you how to reduce debt and protect your family’s assets as you work toward a better financial future, free from debt.

With that said, Chapter 13 isn’t for everyone.  In some cases, there may be better options such as settling debt out of court, which is another service that we provide to our clients.

The Liviakis Law Firm is ready to answer all of your questions about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and which debt relief options will give you the best opportunity to improve your situation for an improved financial future. Not all bankruptcy is the same and not all bankruptcy attorneys are the same.

At Liviakis Law we place honesty and integrity above all else, which is why we offer a free consultation to help determine if filing Chapter 13 is right for you.

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    Wonderful Bankruptcy Attorney!

    I retained Mr. Liviakis after a very bad experience with another lawyer who basically abandoned my case. Mr. Liviakis was thorough in his analysis of the law and the facts of the case and very prompt in responding to all of my questions. His professional handling of the case gave me confidence that the matter would be done right.

    Professional and Talented Attorney

    Very professional and talented bankruptcy attorney. He helped me though a very difficult situation. I recommend Liviakis to others in the community of Sacramento. Liviakis took time to answer all of the bankruptcy questions that I had. My case turned out very well. It was an easy experience and no stress at all.

    They Truly Cared

    After interviewing several lawyers, I decided to use Miki. Miki and his staff were knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. They kept me informed every step of the way and made me feel like they “cared”. I have worked with a number of attorneys over the past 25 years and Miki is someone whom you can trust.

    Definitely Recommend

    I would definitely recommend Atty. Liviakis to anyone that I know that needs help to sort out their financial problem. Very easy to talk to and always prompt when I have questions. Chapter 11 Client

    Mikalah was the most informed and knowledgeable proffesional i have ever had the privilege to work with.not only did he handle our case succesfully,he treated us with dignity and respect in a very tough time. I highly recomend this attorney he is a man with integrity,a true professional.

    Chapter 7 Client

    Liviakis Law Firm was professional and empathetic to my situation. I felt that I could discuss my situation without judgment or feeling shame. I appreciated the quick communication and professional demeanor of all staff. 

    How Can Liviakis Law Help?

    A Bankruptcy Attorney Is Important For Success


    The California bankruptcy process can be long and complex, especially for individuals without any legal background or financial expertise.

    Even a simple error can complicate or even lead to a dismissal of your case, which can lead to a further strain on your time and resources. At Liviakis Law, we’ve helped individuals eliminate tens of millions of dollars in debt while protecting their assets from creditors.


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    We act as your legal and financial guide to help you through the bankruptcy process and protect the assets that are most important to you — while eliminating as much debt as possible to help you build your new financial future.


    We Give Our Clients More Than Just A Restart


    Financial freedom requires more than just a restart, it also calls for a change of mindset.

    We work with those that have honest intentions of building a financial future and provide tools and education in addition to legal counsel.


    Affordable Fees & Plans


    At Liviakis Law, we are committed to finding the most intelligent and creative plan to resolve debt situations at an affordable price point for our clients.

    Our fee structure enables us to combine multiple legal services in a single payment or as a monthly plan, allowing our clients the flexibility to pay fees in a way that works best for them.

    Our lawyers can help you find the best solution, whether that’s filing bankruptcy or finding a non-bankruptcy alternative.

    I would like to express how fortunate I was to find such a wonderful and talented attorney as Mr Liviakis. My husband and I found Mr Liviakis while searching for a attorney to handle our bankruptcy. We had consultations with a few attorneys before deciding to go with Mr Liviakis.

    We chose him initially based on his knowledge of our situation and his ethical practices. This was a very trying time for both me and my family dealing with both the financial and emotional problems that go along with filing bankruptcy. Mr Liviakis was extremely compassionate and understanding throughout the entire process.

    He was able to get our very difficult case approved in a very timely manner and thus giving my family and I a wonderful shot at starting over. I highly recommend Mr Livikias he is by far one of the most competent attorneys I have ever dealt with.

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