Choosing A Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy is not a decision people arrive at with ease or swiftness, as it often is a stressful process that is one of last resort. The complicated nature of the bankruptcy process isn’t easy to navigate if you are not a highly trained lawyer. While you can file for bankruptcy on your own, working with an experienced Sacramento bankruptcy attorney is your best option to debt relief option that works for you.

If you search for a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney, you will find dozens. However, that doesn’t mean all are created equal. Here are a few qualities you should look for when seeking the guidance of a bankruptcy attorney:

Experience level --It is important to ask a potential attorney handling your case, how many years they have been in business. While there isn’t anything wrong with hiring a recent law school graduate to handle your case, you should consider whether they are at least working with a team of attorneys who may have additional experience levels to handle your debt and asset profile.

Additional certifications—Although most people never question the credentials of their attorney, there are some additional certifications that may be an indication your attorney is the best in the business. Your attorney may be an alumni of a top educational institution; or member of a prestigious legal association. While these are not necessarily required to be considered the most competent in the field, it does highlight important aspects of their professional development. Some attorneys may have alternative certifications to increase their expertise in the field of debt relief, such as a being certified as debt relief counselor.

Sense of comfort and compassion -- As they used to say, intuition can tell you a lot about someone or an experience. In fact, most people prefer an attorney who demonstrates compassion towards their client, not a pressured sales pitch. The mark of an attorney with integrity is personal experience with debt problems or a mission to help others as if they were family.


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