Score Improving Credit Repair Solutions

Living with a poor credit history in the US is pretty tough to deal with. Bad credit will  make a lot of things including insurance, utilities, loans fairly expensive for you to procure. Here are a few effective score improving credit repair solutions. These will not only help you improve your FICO scores, but also make life easier in general.

Score Improving Credit Repair Solutions

  • You can repair your credit score only when you are aware of what lies on your report. Check by requesting a copy of your latest credit report from any of the three credit bureaus. Analyze your report to determine all the financial pitfalls that have contributed towards your bad credit. Also, you can review your report for any false listing of late payments or inaccurate information that might be affecting your score.
  • The truth is that a good 35% of your credit score is influenced by your payment history. Therefore, you must take care of your past-due accounts on priority. It is important to change their status to ‘current’ or at least ‘paid’. Whether charged off or not, clear off all your delinquent accounts. This will help you obtain a favorable account status that no longer hurts your credit score.
  • Late payments end up showing as a blot on your credit report. On the other hand, timely payments will help make it spotless. Once you have cleared all your past dues, you can go ahead and work towards adding positive information. You can do this by taking out a fresh credit such as a loan or a credit card.

Remember, taking care of your finances as they come is the best strategy. It is a far better than ending up with delinquent accounts and a tarnished credit report. Repairing a credit report takes time and effort. but is possible. Your score can even be repaired following a Sacramento bankruptcy if done the right way.

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