What to Bring to a Citrus Heights Bankruptcy Lawyer Meeting

One of the first questions asked of a Citrus Heights bankruptcy lawyer is “What do I need to bring to the initial consultation?” Filing for a California bankruptcy will require you to gather a number of different documents. These documents will help you prepare for the thorough paperwork required to file the initial Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Income Documentation

The first and foremost step is to collect and organize your income documentation, which will allow your bankruptcy lawyer to evaluate whether you will pass the means test. If you do pass the means test, you will also be asked to fill out the statement of your current monthly income. In many cases, you might need to track down additional information about your income. To make the means test evaluation easier for your lawyer, bring at least six months worth of paycheck stubs or business information. For good measure, bring any other proof of income, such as disability payments, unemployment insurance payments, or social security payments as well.

Bank, Stock, and Retirement Accounts

You will need to show how much money you currently have across bank, investment, and retirement accounts. Bring documents that reflect this information with you as well. This will give your bankruptcy lawyer an accurate portrayal of the financial assets that you own.

List of Assets

Your lawyer will also need to evaluate your assets. Bring a list of major assets that you own; including real property such as land and houses, as well as, personal property such as vehicles, boats, jewelry, etc. If you are unsure whether to include the amount in your initial list, talk to your bankruptcy lawyer about which items are considered assets. Ask your lawyer if there is anything else that you own you should include in the bankruptcy case.

Debt Information

When first meeting with your Citrus Heights bankruptcy lawyer, you'll certainly want to provide a list of all your outstanding debts. When combined with your income and assets, this gives your bankruptcy attorney a clear picture of your debt situation. It's typically not necessary to bring every bill from creditors that you have as bankruptcy attorneys will usually pull a credit report to ensure you did not leave out any documented debts.

Legal Documents

If you have debt litigation brought against you, take any judgments that have been entered against you to your initial consultation. You should also bring other legal documents like divorce decree or child support payment orders to the first attorney meeting.

Citrus Heights Bankruptcy Lawyer Meeting

Your initial meeting with a Citrus Heights bankruptcy lawyer is to determine your current status, comparing assets to debts. Your bankruptcy lawyer can explain all of your options to help you make an educated choice about whether filing bankruptcy is right for you.

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