Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Sacramento, CA

Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Sacramento, CA is an important process because there are hundreds of bankruptcy lawyers to choose from. Mikalah Raymond Liviakis of the Liviakis Law Firm is one of them. As a chapter 13 specialist and business and commercial bankruptcy lawyer Liviakis gives clients new insight into reducing tax debt payments, lowering interest rates on credit cards, and discharging second mortgages.

Whether an attorney makes bankruptcy law a first priority is the first question to ask. Bankruptcy law has become a trendy legal field for lawyers to jump into due to the surge in demand for debt attorneys in the last few years. Sacramento and Carmichael residents have experienced some of the most severe drops in home prices. Modifying a mortgage after a severe drop in real estate value is a common method of saving your home and preventing foreclosure often requires chapter 13 bankruptcy. For homeowners there are far greater options in chapter 13 compared to chapter 7. For example mortgages that are in default can be cured over time in chapter 13, making the modification process much simpler than in chapter 7.

Chapter 11 is yet another option for large debt holders. However most attorneys are unfamiliar with chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 reorganization is not just for large corporations, it's also for those who don't fit neatly into the perameters of other insolvency options. Filing chapter 11 allows high debt holders to reorganize their debt with fewer court and trustee fees on average, an option that might not be available for them in chapter 13.

The Liviakis Law Firm handles chapter 13, chapter 11, and chapter 7 cases for individuals and businesses.

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