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Auto Fraud

Auto dealer fraud occurs when an auto dealer engages in deceptive or unlawful practices during any stage of the vehicle buying process—whether it’s during the advertising, negotiating, or the discussion of financing terms. At Liviakis Law Firm, we offer legal assistance to anyone who has been a victim of auto fraud.
There are many different ways a dealer can commit auto fraud. Before you sign by the X, review the following types of common auto fraud practices.

Bait and Switch

“Bait and switch” is a deceptive advertising practice. A car dealer may lure a consumer in by advertising a particular vehicle at a certain price, and then saying that the car is no longer available. They then oftentimes engage in aggressive tactics to try to sell the consumer a more expensive vehicle.

Sneaking In Add-Ons

Another way a dealer may commit fraud is by concealing “add-ons.” If the cost of optional add-ons, such as extended warranties and pre-paid services, are added on to the final price, but were not discussed and agreed upon during negotiation, you are a victim of auto fraud.

New Dealer Returns

It is not unheard of for dealers to sell a vehicle as “new” when it was actually returned to the dealer because of some defect, or was returned shortly after purchase. This is another example of auto fraud. If you believe your “new” vehicle really isn’t new, you could receive monetary compensation.

Mileage Roll-Back

Other examples include failure to report information about a vehicle, such as if it has sustained damage in a previous accident, or has been flood-damaged. Some dealers have even been known to roll back the mileage or odometer to show a number of miles that is lower than the vehicle’s actual mileage.

Filing a Lawsuit

If you have purchased a car and you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud, you are entitled to take legal action against the car dealership. In some cases, you may be required to contact the auto dealer to give them the opportunity to correct the situation. Speaking with a qualified auto fraud attorney will help you know the steps you need to take. We can assist, to give you the best possible outcome.

Getting Legal Help

When you are considering purchasing a new car, it is important to understand all the facts on dealership financing before you begin. Even the most professional, polite, and charismatic car dealer can swindle you, if you aren’t careful. If you feel that you have been victim to auto fraud, don’t hesitate to contact us at Liviakis Law Firm for a free consultation.
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